Ways to decorate bespoke kitchen with style

bespoke kitchen decoration

Bespoke Kitchen Designs

A kitchen with old-fashioned charm is warm and inviting. It brings back memories of days gone by, but when well-equipped it also offers all of the latest amenities. Instead of visiting a home décor store for overpriced manufactured wall décor that only bears a small resemblance to the décor of yesteryear, consider the following easy ideas for adding old-fashioned charm. A traditional bespoke kitchen with old-time appeal is very easy to decorate using a number of repurposed inexpensive items. These simple ideas will help you get started on creating a welcoming room with old-fashioned flair.

Tea Towels and Wooden Shutters

When looking for ways to decorate a kitchen with old-fashioned charm, avoid buying new curtains and valances from a store. Opt for wooden shutters instead of vinyl, wood, or metal mini blinds or vertical shades. Shutters can be adjusted to let in just the right amount of light. They add old-fashioned charm and appeal to kitchen windows.

Frame the tops of kitchen windows with old-fashioned tea towels instead of ordinary overpriced window valances. Use tea towels that have been tucked away, or look for garage sale and flea market finds. Hang them diagonally over café rods, and discretely secure the fabric using small pins. Experiment with various ways to hang the tea towels until finding just the right look that imparts old-fashioned charm. This will never be found in stores.

Decorate with Wooden Shelves and Antique Glassware

Instead of decorating walls with overpriced commercial wall décor, opt for rustic wooden shelves with wooden brackets. Top the shelves with crocheted doilies, and allow them to hang slightly over the edge. Top the doilies with beautiful eye-catching antique glassware in colors of your choice. Select opalescent carnival glass, unique green Vaseline glass, cobalt blue glassware, dimensional Wedgwood vases and cups, crackled Rainbow glass. Any other glassware that catches the eye and coordinates well with the colors in the bespoke kitchen. They will add nostalgic flair and old-fashioned beauty and charm.

Old-Fashioned Inexpensive Bespoke Kitchen Table Decor

Costly tabletop décor is not necessary when looking for ways to decorate a bespoke kitchen with old-fashioned charm. Locate a glazed pitcher made of clay or another old-fashioned pitcher that brings out an accent color in the bespoke kitchen, and fill it with fresh or dried flowers and foliage. Take cuttings from the garden, and fill an old-fashioned vessel with sunny daisies, carnations, or asters, and fill in open areas with fresh baby’s breath or forget-me-nots and lacy green fern stalks. When fresh flowers and foliage are not available, opt for dried strawflowers, statice flowers, and eucalyptus branches. Fill in the open areas with silk fern branches and dried baby’s breath. These inexpensive arrangements will look outstanding in the center of the kitchen table.

Hang Woven Calendars of Decades Past

If you are lucky enough to come across old fabric calendars they can be used to uniquely decorate a bespoke kitchen with old-fashioned charm, take advantage of this unique find. Pin the old woven calendar to cardboard to maintain the proper proportions and shape, and suspend it with jute twine on a painted or stained dowel rod. This old-fashioned bespoke kitchen calendar will become a topic of conversation, and it will make use of something interesting from decades past.

Decorate with Old Glass Milk Bottles and Other Nostalgic Items

Glass milk bottles were just one of the many items typically found in kitchens of yesteryear, and although they were not used to decorate the bespoke kitchen. These days they can be used to decorate with old-fashioned charm. Look for one or two old glass milk bottles at flea markets and antique stores, and use them to hold sprigs of fresh or dried flowers on a kitchen counter or sill. Also, look for other gently used nostalgic items that can be used to decorate while adding old-fashioned charm. A flea market or antique store provides a wealth of fresh ideas for a bespoke kitchen with old-fashioned style, and these are just some of the countless ideas that can be transformed into a dream bespoke kitchen.

Creative ways to decorate bespoke kitchen on budget

Home beauty on a tight budget does not have to mean that your interior design will come across as cheap looking. Especially if you use some tricks of the home decorating trade. Designers have to work within a homeowner’s budget and produce dramatic results. Borrow their creative ways to decorate on a budget and you can produce the same breathtaking bespoke kitchen results.

Decorate with Books

Two or three books stacked on a side table and topped with a knick-knack or short lamp. This is fancy decoration statement Make a bold room by covering all your books with the same color dust jackets. Best to use homemade from paper or fabric. After that just place them around the room. A few stacked at different angles on a book shelf, a short stack here, another short stack there and you will fill the room with pops of your favorite color. If using fabric to create new covers for the books, use the same fabric to create a few new throw pillows for the room. Make a dramatic statement with just a few yards of inexpensive fabric. Mount a scrap of the fabric and hang it on the wall to tie the room look together.

Colorful Scarves

Colorful scarves found in your closet or purchased cheaply at the flea market can transform the look of a plain chair. Drape a colorful scarf over the back of a chair or tuck in around the bottom seat. Wool scarves with fringe can be draped across the chair back or arm. If the scarf is long enough, run in down the center back and seat of a chair to create the illusion if a center stripe.

Recycle old items for your bespoke kitchen

Paint that out-dated metal filing cabinet a fun new color and use it as an end table. You can also use them as nightstand or bathroom storage.
Make a collection of anything as a display item. Do you have decorative plates or cups hiding in the kitchen cabinet? Bring them out and make a decorative collection for all to see. Rocks, seashells, spoons, thimbles, walking sticks, etc., whatever you have a collection of, use for a budget-friendly display grouping.

Paint and Hardware

If it can be painted, it can be updated on the cheap. Paint those tired looking kitchen or bathroom cabinets and add some fresh new hardware to the doors. Dressers, tables and doors can be updated with a fresh coat of paint. Don’t forget to paint the walls and trim work.