Ultimate guide for decorating kids house

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Some Great Indoor Lighting Ideas for Your Child’s Room

Brightening up your kid’s room can be a fun and creative project, for both you and your child. With some the addition of some fun and functional lighting you can transform your child’s room from same old to exciting and whimsical. Read our guide and learn how to make perfect kids house.

Children’s lighting comes in several different types

The easiest to start with is the traditional themed table lamp. These lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example you can get a Pirates of the Caribbean themed lamp if your little one is into pirates. Perhaps a princess themed lamp too. These types of lamps are meant for use on a desk or a nightstand. The great thing about these types of lamps is that they are fun, inexpensive, quick and easy to install. If your child tires of the theme or outgrows it, they are easy to remove.

Wall lamps – great kids house addition

Another type of children’s lighting is the wall lamp. Generally these types of lamps are a little on the whimsical side, and are meant to be hung on the wall.

A great and low cost decorating idea is to use star shaped lights in a random pattern on one of your child’s room walls. These types of lights usually give off a very subtle light and are great to leave on for those little ones who are afraid of the dark. Depending on how you lay them out on the wall, it can give the room a dreamy inviting look.

Themed lights will make your kids very happy

Another more involved and expensive project is to install a pendant light in your child’s room. Pendant lights are often themed – for example you can find a Choo Choo Train Pendant Light. Pendant lights are great fun and a definite point of interest for your child and his/her friends. This type of light needs to be wired in place. If you have an existing ceiling light already in the room, it can make installation of this type of light easier.

Its best to call in a certified licensed electrician to do the install for you if you are uncomfortable working with electric. One tip for cost savings is if you buy the light yourself, and just have the electrician install it. This way you wont have to pay the equipment mark up on the fixture, but only for the electrician’s labor.

Safety is number one to pay attention to when working on kids house

No matter what type of children’s room lighting project you choose to undertake it is a good idea to always keep some safety tips in mind.
It is best to always try to buy specially manufactured lighting fixtures, which are meant to be used in a child’s room. These fixtures are often manufactured with little ones in mind, and generally have protections over where the bulbs are and are generally tamper proof for little fingers.

Whenever hanging wall lamps on a child’s wall, always be sure to attach the cords to the wall using cable clips. Cords that are left to free hang can become caught on things, and can become a hazard if children get caught up in the cord.

Fun ideas for painting a room for perfect kids house

There are quite a few fun things you can do when painting a room in your house. Who says painting a room in the house has to be a boring job? If done in the company of others and in the right spirit, painting a room in the house can be a lot of fun.

Paint a room with your kids as family project

If you are planning to paint a room in the house, you can think of having a graffiti party before starting the paint work. This activity is especially popular with the kids. Ask your kids and their friends to paint, scribble, write, draw, splash color, or do just about anything on the wall that is to be painted. The kids will love this because drawing or scribbling on the wall is a big no-no for most of them.

Let your kids have some fun too

However, you can allow them to do it for a day since it will all be covered up by the fresh coats of paint soon. Let the kids have a wild time. You can also join in and make a happy mess! Remember to take a snaps of the wall too. Maybe you can mount that snaps on the wall, just as a memory of the crazy times had. This is a very cool thing you can do when painting a room in your house.

The fun for the whole family

If you want to give a really personal touch to your home, then this next fun thing might just appeal to you. While painting a room, get the whole family together and on a specific corner on any one wall, take hand prints of the whole family. Just dip your hands in paint and press it against the wall. Let every family member do this. You can even write your names under your respective handprints. Once done, put a frame around it and call it the “family corner”. This special gesture will indeed seal the happy memories of the entire family and the fun times had together in that very house. Touching, isn’t it?

Its all in details – ask your kids what they want

Another cool thing you can do when painting a room in your house is to color coordinate the windows, linen, curtains, and other accessories located within the room. People don’t take care about details in a room. So, make sure you choose the right kind of accessories for the room. The window pane, curtains, bed spread, furniture, and everything that works in make the room beautiful should match and blend with each other. This is both an important and a cool thing you can do when painting a room in your house

Conclusion for proper kids house

With this list of fun things you can do when painting a room in your house, you will surely have a great time. Your house represents your taste, your choice and also the way you live. It is important to take a lot of care and personalize the painting to your exact preferences. This will make the house more beautiful to look at and to live in.