Nature’s Home Decorating Tips by Season

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Nature has so much beauty to offer us… so, why keep it all outdoors? Bring some life back to your living spaces with these simple decorating tips. Most of them are free and you will definitely be delighted with the new perspective and the touch of serenity nature can bring into your home.

Simple decorating tips for summer look

We might think of summer as the best time for skipping those household decorating chores, but simple things you can find in your own backyard can make it simple and fun. Think of all the sweet smells outside reinforced by that summer heat. Take honeysuckle, for example. While it starts to bloom in the spring, the hot sun pronounces that “Oh, so sweet” smell. Try clipping a few buds and bringing them inside. Just place them in a vase, as you would with any flower and let the aroma fill your home. Summer is also the time for vacations, and in many cases, trips to the beach. Seashells and sand can be used in connection with many decorating ideas. Use a hot glue gun to affix seashells to a picture frame or a small table for a cute and inexpensive reminder of those relaxing moments on the beach. You can also take an oversized plate and put sand at the bottom, then arrange candles all around for an oasis of light.

Achieve fall nostalgia with simple decorating tips

Fall is full of rich colors, aromas, and textures. You will not have to look very far to come up with your own unique ideas, but here are a few to get you started. Of course, we always think of pumpkins when fall arrives, but there are also a plethora of gourds and squash abounding as well. Some strategically placed gourds can bring those autumn tones into your home with very little effort. Another idea is to make a pretty centerpiece arrangement using our simple decorating tips. Hay, dried corn cobs, and colorful fall leaves are greeat for this. Keep these items looking fresh by spraying them with a clear coat of finishing paint and they will last all season.

Make decoraiton winter like

Pine cones! Of course we have all seen a million and one uses for pine cones, but this year why not use them as a mixture in your own blend of potpourri. Dried leaves, small pine cones, winter berries, and your own additions will combine to create a beautiful and earthy-smelling potpourri for any room in our home. Evergreen trees might seem like the only green thing you see this time of year, so it only makes sense to fill your home with these branches, as a reminder of “greener” days to come!

Spring decoration with our simple decorating tips

Spring is the easiest of course, with fresh blooms and buds popping up everywhere. How? Just follow our simple decorating tips. Instead of using all of those flowers to sit in vases and look lovely, use some of them to make sachets for drawers and closets. You can also sprinkle them in bath water for a relaxing (and much deserved) moment of solitude. Besides flowers, what else do we think of when spring rolls around? Birds, of course! Decorate your yard with a new birdbath or feeder to draw more wildlife into your personal space. You will not regret the small purchase when you look out your window and find these beautiful winged animals abundant in your backyard.

Regardless of the time of year, nature has much to offer. Just walk outside and look around, and let your imagination run wild!

Simple decorating tips for porch

A front porch is the first thing people see as they approach your home so make it welcoming. First, decide how you are going to use your porch. Do you want to entertain on the porch,? Just sit there and relax or read or do you want it to be a showplace. The number of pieces of furniture you place out there and even the colors you use may depend on the feel you are trying to accomplish. Remember that this outdoor room should be furnished like any indoor room using color, design or a theme and the right accessories.

Wicker furniture is a good choice for porch furniture

You can use them white or paint them and buy or make cushions that match your color scheme and your theme for the porch. Swings and rockers are cozy, welcoming additions to any porch and metal furniture is also a good choice. Remember that outdoor furniture will be subject to humidity and heat from the sun, as well as some possible rain. So, be careful about the fabrics you use and the wood in any rockers and swings. Consider what the furniture is made of when placing it on the porch. A small table is nice to have on your porch for convenience and design. It is simple decorating tips that can change look of your porch. Check out garage sales and flea markets to see if you can pick up a cute table cheap. Then you can stain or paint it to match your décor and add accessories as needed.

Add plants to your décor

Why do we recomend plants as ultimate simple decorating tips for your porch? They add soft color and some offer fragrance to the air. Depending on the theme or style of your porch, you can use formal plants in formal vases. You can use unusual containers for a more casual porch. You can use different color and different size containers for the plants and place them all around the porch. Try adding a hanging basket or two to add some height to your decor. If you want to add some color and texturem you could add a small rug to your porch decor. If it is just color you need then you could paint the concrete or wood on your porch. You can paint a pattern around the edges of the porch or a design across the entire porch.

Throw in the sense of touch

We have been dwelling on the look of your porch appealing to the eye and the sense of smell by using plants scattered around the porch. You may also want to use your sense of hearing in creating your front porch. You can find a large variety of wind chimes in different styles, shapes and materials so add one that suits your tastes.

The sound of water can be soothing if you are planning on using your porch as a place to just relax. Stores offer a large variety of pools or small water fountains to sit on the table near your chairs. Throw in the sense of touch and add pillows and a throw to the swing, bench or chairs and you have created a space that is a welcoming introduction to your home and a true “sense”ation.