Make Easy Last Minute Holiday Decorations

Homemade Halloween Ghost Holiday Decorations for Less Than a Buck

Halloween is coming up fast and with it the obligation to make proper holiday decorations. If you are planning a last minute October party for your friends or family, you may need some decorations for your event. Don’t rush out and spend your hard-earned money.

There are lots of ways to make your own do-it-yourself decorations. But how many can be made for one dollar or less? Well, surely not that many, right? Think again.

Here are my instructions to how to make a simple and easy homemade ghost holiday decoration. You can hang this one around the house by small string or thread, or you can simply place them all over.

Items you need to make a Small Ghost Halloween Holiday Decorations

You do not need much to make these fun little ghosts. The one thing you will need to buy for a buck, if you don’t have them at home, is a packet of wiggly eyes. These can be found at Wal-Mart or your local convenience store. Some packets cost less than a dollar.

The other items you need are aluminum foil, twisty ties, tissue paper and glue. Add in the wiggly eyes and you have all you need.

Instructions to make a Small Ghost Halloween Decoration

First, roll up your aluminum foil into a ball. Then place the ball into the middle of the piece of tissue and wrap the tissue over it to cover the ball. Next, tie the twisty tie around the ball so you have a little ghost head.

Then you glue on the wiggly eyes where you want them. Lastly, add on a string or piece of thread and hang them where you please. Thread is best because then it looks like the little ghost is floating in thin air.

Hope you can use these tips for this craft project, a homemade ghost decoration for Halloween. It is fun, easy, simple, and costs next to nothing. Happy Halloween!

Bringing Bollywood Home: Spring Holiday Decorating Ideas

The excitement and almost frenetic colors of Bollywood films will invigorate a living space with worldly charm, elegance, and energy.
Bollywood colors lend themselves perfectly to spring decorating ideas for the home. Add some warmth and excitement to common living areas. Add sultry and rich colors to the bedroom that are also natural and earthy. Make the bathroom its own livable space by infusing Bollywood influence with a rich color palette.

Bollywood decor is rich with colors

There are many choices of Bollywood-inspired interior paint colors that will hit holiday decoration. Choose from the wide variety of these hues to bring Bollywood into your interior living spaces.

Select one or two (!) vibrant be-jeweled tones in reds, pinks, or purples. Or pick a bright orange, spice-like browns and tans, and other creamy neutrals to go along with the mix. Toss in one or two cool greens or blues to spice your holiday decorations.

  • Bollywood Inspired Paint Colors from Sherwin-Williams
  • Aurora Brown is a nutty, rich brown that will ground other more bold colors.
  • Brassy is a mossy green with hints of yellow.
  • Energentic Orange is an eye-opening orange that is not for the meek.
  • Fine Wine is a gem of a bold color, red meets Merlot, with an aroma of nutmeg.
  • Pennywise is a coppery orange brown.
  • Reflecting pool
  • Browse Brownby Sherwin-Williams
  • Quiver Tanby Sherwin-Williams
  • Bollywood Insipred Paint Colors from Ralph Lauren Home Paint
  • Many hues from the Island Brights collection by Ralph Lauren Home Paint could lend themselves to a Bollywood feel.
  • Bicycle Yellow is lively and looks as if it could have been extracted directly out of a Bollywood film.
  • Key West Green is the ultimate green: bright, outdoorsy and bold.
  • Magenta Jewel is a majestic yet not lofty purple that will pair well with cool creamy neutrals, including Chesapeake Sunset
  • Tapestry is a deep, spicy brown with a tinge of red.
  • Bollywood Inspired Paint Colors from Dunn Edwards Paints
  • Teal Me No Lies by Dunn Edwards Paints is an honest teal that is complemented by Fiery Fuschia, Mustard Seed, and Get Up and Go (green).
  • Bollywood Inspired Paint Colors from TrueValue Paints
  • Pair Passion Fruit with a lively Pompeiian Red, tie those hot colors together with matching world-ethnicity inspired prints.
  • Or create a more subdued look with Plum Berry and then make it extra-tasty with the orange-based Burnt Spice.
  • Bollywood Inspired Paint Colors from TrueValue Paints
  • Sapphire Mar is an elegant blue reminiscent of the finest jewels.
  • Wild Irish Rose dusted lightning-infused dark pink.

Pair some exotic brights with their complements, and a neutral color and you too can go Bollywood in your home holiday decorations.