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Furnish Your Home

How to Furnish Your Home on a Budget

Furniture and home decoration is a pricey business. When you start weighing up, and pricing up what you want and need for your house, you will see the figures getting bigger. However, there are plenty of ways you can furnish your home and decorate your home on a budget. From getting friends to help with the decoration, to getting furniture from second hand shops there are lots of ways you can save money.

Here are top four tips on how to furnish your home

Make use of your family and friends

If you do not like painting and decorating or you just don’t want to pay for the professional’s, then why not throw a paint party. Get everyone round give them brushes, rollers, food and drink and away you go.

Get creative with old furniture

There are lots of second hand shops out there to take advantage of, and even household sales which can be little gems. Although furniture on offer may not be to your taste think of the potential on offer. For example, recently my sister acquired some furniture from a relative’s house, although the furniture wasn’t what she wanted, it was the potential in it she saw, she was able to turn some old and boring looking display cabinets into new pieces of furniture by simply sanding down and painting.

Use freecycle

People get rid of things that may be of no use to them, but, they may be just what you are looking for, so take advantage of the free furniture and household items on freecycle. Alongside freecyle, it is worth remembering to stop, reuse and recycle. This will help you furnish your home easier. More often than not things are thrown away that have years of life left in them, so why not stop, see if the item can be reused, or maybe even turned into something new. Recycle what is on offer, to creative unique and individual items.

Utilize sales

Stores and shops are always holding lots of sales so take advantage of them when they come around. Even saving a few cents or pennies on paint, home décor items and soft furnishings can all add up. Get crafty and save yourself some money in the process. Why not have a go at making your own drapes, curtains, soft furnishings, or items of home decor? From mosaic tables to framed pictures and paintings there are lots of things you can do, make and create in your spare time for use within your home.
Finally, it is worth noting, that having a budget, early on is ideal. Having a budget in place ensures you don’t spend more than you want to or have to.

How to Find Free Furniture

Looking for free furniture for your home or office on a budget is challenging. If you are at a point where you do not have a large budget, do not despair. There is always something that you can do about it. These tips below will require a bit of work on your part, in order for them to work.


Let people who are neighbors, friends, and acquaintances know that you need furniture. Be very specific about what you are requesting. Write out a list and photo copy it. The things to include on the list are the rooms you are furnishing, the dimensions of the room, and what pieces you need. Include up to date contact information. If you never answer your home phone, include your cell phone number and email that you check often. This flyer with your phone number is for people you have met before and are not concerned about giving your phone number to.

Create another version of this sign that only has an email for contacting you. Place this on billboards in grocery stores, laundry mats, rental offices, and any other free billboard that is visited often in your neighborhood.


Put in a request in your local community. Ask for the items that you want. List the same details that are on your flyer. Be prepared to pickup the items immediately when someone responds to your email. If you do not like the items, you can always spruce them up and list them for sale on craigslist.


Use the Barter forum on trade unwanted items for an item you would like to have. Clean up and present the unwanted items well. Take digital pictures and list a detailed description. This description needs to list the measurements, materials, and any flaws. Your unwanted items could be clothes, s hoes, jewelry, automobiles that do not run, yard equipment, an extra freezer, unused current computer, software, or electronic equipment. Be open minded in your trades. For example an unused piece of software, could be bartered for a nice vase, lamp stand, oil painting, chair, or any piece of furniture that someone is willing to trade for.


Think about places where people are making furniture decisions. You local dump may be visited by numerous people daily, who are getting ready to get rid of perfectly good furniture. Cruise the back of thrift shops and furniture stores for items that they are throwing away. These could be slightly damaged items that the store could not sell.

Being open minded and persistent can bring you unexpected great items to furnish your home with. Free items collected may need some fixing up or personalization for them to fit into your home décor plans. Use these tips and do not give up on thinking of creative ways to get the things that you want.