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Now I, by no means, am a Martha Stewart, not even close. But I do enjoy decorating my home and I strive to make it a happy and comfortable place.

Getting Started with home decorating

To get started look at the space you want to decorate and envision what you would like that space to be. Also think about that room purpose in general. If it’s the living room where you and your kids and husband hang out the majority of the time it may not be a good idea to purchase that white furniture you love or fill the room with a lot of breakables.

The main idea is to keep it functional and practical. If you have a toddler and the living room seems to always be overran with toys a good idea may be to keep a nice decorative basket or chest to store the toys. It makes for easy and fast clean up. Another investment you may want to make is an ottoman that can double as a storage bin for extra blankets. You can also store games or whatever you need extra storage for.

Clean The Clutter

One item of business you really need to take care of is the clutter. Go thru your magazines and toss the ones you have read and probably. Some you haven’t gotten around to reading yet.You can now find all of the decoration ideas at our magazine online too. If you haven’t read the February issue yet and it’s October you probably are not going to read it and please do toss it away. You really should only have the current month’s edition of a magazine and occasionally a prior months edition.

Hot Spots are important in home decorating

If you have a hot spot somewhere in your home that is a catch all, work on decluttering it. My hot spot is the desk in the kitchen that holds the phone and answering machine. I have come to believe there is a built in magnet somewhere that attracts paper, pens and other form of clutter to it. An idea you may want to incorporate into your hot spot is a tray to hold your keys, billfold and other items. Another idea is to purchase a decorative basket to throw your mail and papers into. When your ready to go thru them all you have to do is grab the basket. It’s keep the desk neat until your ready to look thru them. It is a good idea to go thru that basket often as you probably will have bills that need to be paid in it.

Decorative Items

You can change the look of your home by simply changing a few decorative items. For example, changing the throw pillows on your couch to reflect the season, or to just change things up can make a lot of difference in the appearance of the room. The same goes for adding or changing greenery. Adding a new throw to a chair or the couch can add a nice touch. Candles are always big in my home. In my opinion, they add warmth and hospitality to your home and makes your home a warm and inviting place to be.
Hopefully these few ideas will help you in home decorating. Fill your home with the things you love and focus on de-cluttering the chaos and it will make all the difference.

Home Decorating Crafts

If you want to incorporate the color blue into a room there are many easy home decorating projects that you can do it with no matter what the color scheme of your living room. This article will provide you with several home décor crafts to help you add the color blue to your living room.

Sponge Paint Wall Border As Ultimate Home Decorating

A fun and easy home décor craft that will help you incorporate the color blue into your living room is a sponge paint wall border. Blue is a calming color, and this is important when thinking of an image to sponge paint. For this project you can use precut sponges, or you can cut your own shapes. You may want to use a simple pattern of triangles and circles or you may want to use a more complex image like fish or clouds. Remember to keep the color blue in mind when you pick the shape you are going to use.

For this home decorating craft you will need blue paint, sponges, a paper plate, and paper towels; it also helps to have a ruler and a pencil on hand. Start by measuring how far down on the wall you would like to place your border, and draw a small dot in intervals equal lengths apart along the line of your border. This will help you place your sponge in an even pattern.
Next pour some paint on a plate, and dip your sponge in the paint. Lightly blot the sponge on the paper towel, and gently press it to the wall. Remove the sponge and your image will stay. This home decorating craft is a great way to add the color blue to your living room.

Decoupage Lamps are Great too

Lamps are a great medium for home décor crafts, and you can decoupage your lamp with a blue theme to add blue to your living room. For this craft you will need a lamp, glue, paintbrush, and blue paper or fabric. Start this project by collecting several blue pieces of paper or fabric; if you are feeling crafty feel free to use papers found around your home or images from magazines.

Next apply a thin layer of glue to the lamp, and press the paper to it. Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles using the paintbrush. Cover the entire lamp, and don’t be afraid to overlap images. Allow the entire project to dry, and your blue home décor craft is ready for your living room.

Ribbon Curtain Accents – Simple Home Decorating Craft

A simple and inexpensive home décor craft that will easily add blue to your living room is a ribbon curtain accent. For this craft you will need blue ribbons, scissors, fabric glue, chalk, and a ruler. Start by taking your curtains down and laying them out flat. Measure a few inches up from the bottom of the curtain, and place small dots along the line. Ensure that your ribbon accent comes out straight.

Next on, cut the ribbon 2 inches longer than the width of the curtain. Than and run a line of fabric glue along the back of it. You can do this a little at a time to make it easier. Place the glue side down onto the curtain, and allow it to dry. You can add a couple of different ribbons for more detail if you like as well. This easy home décor craft is a unique way to add blue to your living room.
The color blue is loved by many people, but not everyone has the liberty of painting their walls in it. These easy home décor craft projects will allow you to incorporate the color blue into your living room; so try them today!