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Is hiring a pool company a way to go?

There comes the moment in every family life when your backyard just isn’t sufficient enough. You might have an open or built-in BBQ, lovely grass field and sun chairs but have you considered contacting your local pool company and have a pool built? We are well aware that first thing that crosses your mind is that type of pool project is way above your pay grade. We are here to tell you that you couldn’t be more wrong about that. In this article, we will take a look at everything you need to know about pool companies. The way the operate, what they offer, what services should you chase after if you want to hire one and couple of more things.  

Having a good pool company that will fulfill your modest or wildest pool idea has never been easier. They are wildly available online, always ready to communicate with their respected customer and ready to offer best services one pool company can offer. 

Directives of pool building process 

Once you decided to give that backyard space more meaning with lovely pool, it’s important to hire right pool company that understands your needs. Where to start? How to pick pool company? Well, reading text that follows should give you some look into where to start with whole project. We will talk about variety of topics that you should consider when contacting pool companies.  Some of the basic guidelines you should get from your preferable pool company are: 

  • -Estimate pool company dedication to your project 
  • -What materials, shapes and price do pool companies offer 
  • -Purpose of pool and designs pool companies offer 
  • -Water features and maintenance services 

Just remember: when building a dream pool system, there is no space for rushing things up. Arm yourself with patience and good attitude. 

Pool company that is fully dedicated to your project 

First thing first, you want pool builders that are fully dedicated to helping you build your home dreams into a reality. First contact with pool company is something you should pay attention too. Once you establish contact either via email, phone or in person – if they seem fishy or unpleasant enough, feel free to skip them right away. You don’t want any headache once the whole pool project starts. After all, you are the one that will pay them hefty and fair amount they ask for. 

Range of materials pool companies offer 

Second thing you want to pay attention to is material you want your pool built with. There really are number of great materials that you can use, such as: gunite, fiberglass, and vinyl. If you aren’t sure which material to go with, ask your pool company to explain the pros and cons of each one. We will give you some information’s right now, so once you talk with your pool contractors about your pool, you have some basic ideas about it: 

Vinyl pool as the cheapest option to go with 

Vinyl pools are the cheapest option out of the three building materials. On the other hand, they do require the most maintenance. There is also another downside of having a vinyl pool – every five to six years, they do need to be replaced for health reasons. 

Vinyl pools – affordable solutions for everyone 

When it comes to vinyl pools there are quite number of pros as well as cons of using it. Some of the pros of vinyl pools are large variety of shapes you can go with. For example, if you have weirdly shaped backyard or either a small backyard, the vinyl is maybe the best option to go with. They are in mid-rate price – affordable. Downside is that the liner needs to be replaced often which can accumulate expenses over the years.  

Tip: Pool companies tend to shave-off a price when negotiating a vinyl pool with specific shape. The reason that you are requesting a non-geometrical shape shouldn’t give your local pool company excuse to ask for more money. 

Gunite as durable, high-quality option for pools 

On the other hand, if you have few bucks lying around, we do recommend do go with gunite. This particular material is the most customizable and durable option. However, you should be well aware when taking this material in consideration because of its general expenses. Talk through about this option with your pool company to make sure. 

 All in all, make sure to go into further detail regarding pool materials with your pool contractor and decide what the best option is for you.  


Pool purpose and designs pool companies offer 

So, once you got materials and follow up questions out of way, you should discuss purpose of pool with your pool builders. Now, we are well aware that this topic sounds a bit silly but your answer can have a big impact on how your pool is designed. What do we mean by that? Well, if your pool is going to be used mostly by your children, you don’t want to build a pool with sharp edges and deep areas. A pool that is relatively shallow, smaller in shape, and is easily accessible in case of any emergency is something you should go with in this situation.  

There are also other purposes of one’s pool like exercise one. Having a pool built by a pool companies for exercise activities is something if a kind. You want long shape with deep areas; you also want it narrow in order to swim laps effectively. These and other small details are just the thing that well experienced, good companies know about. It is what separate’s good from bad pool firm.  

Water features and maintenance services 

Last but not least construction process will be about water features. There are silly number of cool features that can be built near or even inside your pool. Depending on your budget, you should pick only features that your pool builders mark as important or go innovative and free with modern, expensive features.  There are some cool pool features like a waterfall to add a natural feel to your pool and backyard area. If you want to bring life and that calming sound to your backyard, waterfall is definitely option to go with. There really are great number of pools features like mini-bar, porch swings, fountains, spas, first aid boxes, water massagers, pool LED lights, deck jets and automatic covers. What you really want is to discuss all of this with pool companies that you hired.  

Another thing to talk with your pool companies about are regular maintenance services and guidelines. Do you pool company offer custom maintenance programs for swimming pools? Do they have skilled repairman’s in situation something goes south? What are the prices for regular and yearly pool maintenance? These are just some of the question you want to ask your preferable pool company. 

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