Complete guide to buying full-size bed at 2020

full size beds

Having a proper bed is often overlooked 

If you think hard enough, you will notice there are quite number of things that are simply overlooked in person’s life. For example, finding the real significant other, visiting the dentist, regular medical checkups, staying in shape, eating healthy and number of other things… However, there is one particular part of life that most of us take for granted and that is sleeping. That is where full-size bed comes into play.

Having good full-size bed is crucial 

We often rush to our 9 to 5 jobs, do activities with kids, taking some time off to chill or do our hobby, go out with a friend or simply hanging around social media platforms whole day. In today’s modern society, things like getting well-rested are often overlooked. That is exactly how they fall into second plan for most of the person’s life. Now, we won’t be nagging nannies here and tell you how important good night sleep is; we are well-aware that you are here, reading this house magazine article, because you figured that thing out yourself. 

On the other hand, we decided to give you some numbers and statistics that will surely leave you speechless: 

  • Researchers found out that average person spends as much as 25 years sleeping! 
  • That is 9.215 days or 219.000 hours spent sleeping only! 

Now if those numbers don’t give you something to think about, we are not sure what might have. Oh yeah, the average person also spends around 6-8 years trying to get to get to sleep too. Now, we won’t be petty and count days where we just lay in bed watching movies or scrolling up and down on our phones. But, combined, roughly we spend around 13.000 days of our life’s in our beds only!  

Don’t be stingy – buy yourself a full-size bed 

Yes, number that we talked about are real and so is the shock you are experiencing right now. Since you are by now well aware of importance of having a good night sleep, we will hop into explain why is full size bed thing to buy. After reading this, you will have full-on comprehensive knowledge of what your bedroom really needs.

Full-size bed general information’s 

There really is number of big bed types you can find at furniture markets. Some of the most popular ones are: queen’s bed, parent’s bed (since most of parents own one), double mattress, full-size mattress, but we recommend that you stick to trendy purchase of “full-sized bed”.  

Having ideal full-sized bed is something that will change your life. They come in various shapes and sizes and they can fit up to two fully grown persons or several kids on it. It is often recommended that full-size bed is more than ideal for one person, that being adult person, because it gives him plenty of space and room to stretch out, tumble around and get that much needed good night sleep. 

Why is full-size bed best for couples? 

There really are many benefits of having a full-size bed as an adult or couple. Our research shows us that couples often tend to buy queen size or double mattress bed. That is totally fine since both of mentioned types of bed have plenty of comfort and room to fit adults or couples. However, purchasing queen sized bed can be a bit tricky and expensive. That also goes for double mattress beds too. Also, as anything in life, it is good to be huge, but not too huge. Also, there is small downside of queen’s beds and that is assembling it or nightmare of getting it into the bedroom. With full sized beds you won’t face this issue since they are big enough to fit any room, they are quite affordable and comfy enough that you won’t ever need another bed. Also, they make bedroom design pop right up.

Buying full-size bed for your kids 

If you are a parent, you will surely relate to this next paragraph. We do understand that you love your kids a lot! However, there is just something that way-hire their wires at night and they go absolutely crazy especially when sleeping time comes. They tumble around, want to play for at least five more minutes and request your full attention. If you decide to buy full-sized bed for your kids you won’t experience those issues anymore. Believe us, we tried it out!  Full size beds are cozy enough to read bedtime stories and cuddle around so your kids will fall right into its comfort and fall asleep like a puppy right way.  

The other benefit of having full size bed for your kids is its frame – it doesn’t take that much space. Also, you don’t want your kid to be sleeping at kids bed his whole life. This can be very bad for his growth, spine development as well as his psychological condition. You can also save some money when you buy this bed for your kids since they will be able to use it for many years to come. Buy your kid a full-size bed and rid yourself of incoming troubles.  

Price ranges of full-size beds 

We visited couple of reputable bed sellers online and compared some prices for you. Our conclusion is pretty straight forward: there is no online shop where large or queen mattresses are cheaper than full-size mattresses. So, you get more comfort for lesser price which is never a bad thing.   

There are some luxury full size beds made out of rose wood or similar which can be quite pricey, but at the end of the day, you can simply skip those and buy yourself standard mid-range price full-size bed. The price you can expect to pay for full-size bed aren’t that big of a deal. You can simply go to Walmart and get one for as low as 180$ up to 600$. Again, we recommend that you go for mid-range ones or hunt ones with a discount.   

Full-size bed accessories prices

What also affects the price of any bed is price of accessories for it. Now this is when full-size bed comes into play. The general availability and affordability of pillowcases, duvet covers, pillows, bed skirts and mattresses for it are next to nothing. The reason for this is because they fall into the “standard category”. Neither too expensive nor cheap – simply affordable. They are also easy to find so you can pick from various dimensions, designs and colors. If you are not sure about which design will fit your bedroom, be sure to read some of our top house design guides here.

We did some research online so you don’t have to: full-size bed duvets go for as low as 20$, other accessories like pillows are ranging from 5$-30$ and variety of pillow cases and blankets for couple of dollars. All in all, very cheap full-size bed accessories which makes them way better than double mattress bed accessories.