Bespoke kitchen designs

Bespoke kitchen designs

Bespoke kitchen – the decision is up to you! 

So, you decided to step into the world of house renovating? You and your family decided that your kitchen just isn’t sufficient enough for you? We know the feeling. One day, you just woke up and realized the kitchen you currently have just isn’t working out anymore for any given reason. The design might not fit the rest of your house, the kitchen cabinets are old and worn out or you are just sick of looking at same old stale kitchen every day.  

Once you came to realize that your kitchen design isn’t working out for you anymore, you are one third of the way there, believe us. So, what now? Where to begin? Do you call your house contractor? Do you ask your spouse for advice or call house designer? What if we told you it goes way easier than any of options mentioned?  

First things first: you need to inform yourself more about something very trendy on today’s kitchen design market – It’s called bespoke kitchen designs. 

What is bespoke kitchen and where does it originate from? 

If you lurk around various house design Pinterest or Facebook groups you may find various explanations and gloss of that particular word. But to best explain the origin of it, we must step a way back into the history for a brief moment.  

Imagine England back in 17th & 18th century. Now imagine the royalty, dukes and ladies who ordered all kind of fancy stuff from professional furniture wood masters. Yes, you guessed it right: that’s where bespoke kitchen come from. Having a custom-made-kitchen, that will fit yours and only yours house style and design is something of prestige we must admit. It’s a sole definition of upper-class society. 

Bespoke kitchen designs – why do they stand apart? 

We really did a lot of thoughts to this question, so we can come to you, our valuable readers with best possible answer. As there are so many types of bespoke kitchens to review around, we did make sure to capture and review at least the most popular ones and analyze on what does really stand out there? Our conclusion is that there are five main directives that will put bespoke kitchen’s way above other kitchen designs and they are: 

  • 1.Unique looking cabinets and follow-up kitchen furniture; 
  • 2.Stylish tiles with hand-painted patterns and decorations; 
  • 3.Lighting that will bring whole kitchen up; 
  • 4.Kitchen accessories that fit your needs just right; 
  • 5.General unique design of kitchen that no one else has. 

Bespoke kitchen cabinets and follow-up furniture 

We do consider kitchen cabinets and kitchen furniture in general to be most crucial part of one’s kitchen. Why? Well, the answer is simple; just go to your kitchen, take a step back and take a good look at it. You noticed that 70% of your kitchen space are cabinets and kitchen furniture? With that in mind, the general influence they have on kitchen design and look is most important.  

That’s where bespoke kitchen cabinets come in play. You can talk with your kitchen designer about absolutely anything. The material you want your kitchen cabinets to be made from, the color, the general scheme, ornaments, handles…Literally, whatever cross your mind, you should talk with your bespoke kitchen designer. 

Bespoke kitchen tiles – an opportunity to express yourself 

Having a proper kitchen tiles is second most important thing to look into when designing a bespoke kitchen. They do have to match kitchen cabinets and general kitchen design. However, some may argue that you can start designing your kitchen from tiles upwards. This is fair assumption, especially if you are going to use white spring granite for your kitchen furniture or similar.  

Anyway, don’t be one of those people who just take a first color tile they ‘sort of like’ in catalogue and later on regrets it. Be creative, be innovative and take your time. Think of couple of colors you like the most. Now pick all the variations of those colors. Now pick all the patterns and schemes you like as well as their combinations. Make sure your designer earns they pay by requesting that he matches all colors, designs and patterns you like into the tiles of your choice. Now, you have yourself a unique bespoke kitchen tiles catalogue that you made yourself!  If there is place where you can find a bespoke kitchen tile design that will fit your needs, then this is the one! 

Bespoke kitchen lighting 

Now here is an area where you can go absolutely wild with ideas and designs. Since there are number of trendy looking kitchen lighting ideas like kitchen track lights, modern round globe light’s, built-in LED kitchen lights, prismatic glasses and many other modern design kitchen lights, be sure to always go with ones you like the most. Here is an opportunity to be well creative. Once you find at least couple of lighting ideas that you consider to be good, talk with your designer about them. Will they match your bespoke kitchen? If not, what are his/her suggestions?  

For example, if you are going for Victorian styled kitchen, with full wood and stylish decorations, you can skip modern round like shapes of lights. They just don’t go with each other. On the other hand, vintage kitchen lighting will fit your needs just right. Having a correct kitchen lighting will definitely bring your whole bespoke kitchen up. 

Bespoke kitchen accessories and appliances 

When we say kitchen accessories, what we really mean are huge variety of kitchen objects. From simple design’s like a vase and towel box up to kitchen appliances like stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. If you read your housing magazines often, you will notice most of designers do advise that you leave small decoration’s for end. They are like a frosting on a cake. They will bring the whole place up. This doesn’t mean that you can’t unique and hand-created accessories and ornament’s around, no. This is also an area where you can be well creative as well as save a few bucks here and there. Consider this as makeup of your house and possible kitchen DIY project for whole family. 

When it comes to home appliances you can order a custom one but they are known to be a bit pricy. Our suggestion is to shop them online at sites like Amazon and pick ones that goes well with your general bespoke kitchen style. There is absolutely no need to spend fortune on custom-made stove when you can find enormous variety of them online or at local home appliances shop.  

Bespoke kitchens are as unique and stylish as it gets 

They really are the best possible solution to go with if you are planning to make a kitchen that will last a while and kitchen that you will hurry to go into. Once you have a bespoke kitchen well-done, believe us, your whole family will rush there to spend some quality family time. Here is also an interesting idea: involve your spouse into bespoke kitchen planning so he might also spend some time there; washing dishes or cleaning around.  

There are also number of pre-designed bespoke kitchens to order. Which might not be such a bad idea after all. But, to be completely honest, that beats a sole purpose of having a unique kitchen made just for you. Be creative with your bespoke kitchen ideas and let your inner artist free. We promise you that you will end up with kitchen you will absolutely adore.