Affordable Housing Solutions

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You want affordable house solutions?

Have you ever thought of living in a Shipping Container? Are you looking for cheap affordable housing solution? Most would say no, but the idea is catching on in certain sectors of the World. In Amsterdam, Holland an innovative company named Tempo-Housing has begun the Container Home revolution. They could be coming to a neighborhood near you.
ISO Shipping Containers (Sea Cans) are bringing cheap housing revolution near you. They are an inexpensive way to have a solid structure to build with.

What does affordable housing solutions require of you?

Regular home building requires you to pour a foundation of cement. It also required frame in a floor over the top of that foundation. You have to support the underneath of the floor you put on the foundation glue laminate boards. They do have to be glued and nailed together. Second option is by placing an I-Beam of steel under two thirds of the middle of the floor.

Then from the floor you build your walls, interior and exterior, to the specified dimensions and sizes given in the plans the architect drew up. A normal home with a crew of three Carpenters, Concrete Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers,

Drywaller’s, Roofers, Insulators, flooring specialists, and Painters take around 3 months to complete a home. This is as long as everything goes on schedule; and the home is only 1000 to 2500 square feet in size.

ISO Shipping containers as affordable housing solutions

With using ISO Shipping containers to build a home, you do not need to have a foundation as such. The ribs on the undercarriage of a shipping container are much stronger than wooden 2×12’s commonly used in the building industry. The shipping container is also one solid welded together to make it like one piece of steel.

Realistically you can go five or six feet down in the ground with a concrete post and then fashion a metal bracket to attach the post to the corner of the container and you will be secure in up to 200 mph winds. Yes this means no Tornado could rip off the home you’re living in. It is also true that no tornado, however big it gets, will destroy the home you live in.

The worst case scenario would be for your home to be tumbled around. Your windows will break, and your interiors may be damaged, but the wind cannot take the roof off, or flatten the home like we have seen in the Cities suffering for Tornado strikes this year.

Where to get ISO Shipping containers?

Right now there are different companies who are trying to use ISO Shipping Containers as building blocks for homes. One such company is called Kottage RV. This company is in the Park Model RV Industry and has begun to make an interesting product which they hope will catch on and then revolutionize the Industry.

Another Company in the Container Home Industry is TempoHousing in Amsterdam, the company I cited above. They are making dorm rooms for students, hotels, and various other customized dwelling for commercial use. As well as single-family dwelling units.

Another group called 3 Twenty Solutions out of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. This company is marketing their housing units to the mining sector. Securely they are branching into various house market categories.

Each of these companies are different in market, type of product, and where they are. All are using the same building block and making it the centerpiece of their strategy? They should to provide affordable, green, secure, and stable homes for their customers.

If you have never seen container homes I challenge you to look into companies mentioned. See what tomorrow may look like in your neighborhood.

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