Create a Warm, Modern Aesthetic in Any Kind of Space

Midcentury inspired interiors are trending in the design world. Simplistic décor, sharp lines and fresh color schemes are some of the most important aspects of the minimalistic look. 

However, modern spaces can feel cold and uninviting. Here are six ways homeowners can transform dated, cluttered spaces to create contemporary charm.

Incorporate Organic Surfaces

Look beyond laminate and concrete. Consider wood for hard surfaces in modern living spaces. The organic surface of dark wood juxtaposed to Scandinavian-style furnishings produces a cozy but contemporary room. Further, incorporating dark and light wood stains creates a vivid contrast. Paint molding white against dark stained floors for a classic and clean look.

Stick to Neutral Walls

White paint may seem boring, but it’s a go-to for a streamlined look. Light beiges and greys can also be used to create an airy atmosphere in a modern style space. To achieve an open appearance, avoid dramatic colors on walls that make rooms appear more confined.

Accessorize with Color

To achieve a modern look, keep the walls should neutral but include pops of color throughout the room. Add vibrant throw pillows and brightly-painted furniture pieces to contrast the simple surroundings. Not all modern spaces have to be equipped with stainless steel fixtures. Brass picture frames and furniture pulls are a great option to generate both vintage and modern expressions. Although small, these trimmings make a lively impression in an understated space. 


Another great way to warm up a modern room is to add texturized accessories. For instance, consider a faux fur throw or animal skin rug for a cabin-like feel. Find unique pieces with velvet upholstery or wicker structures. Striking surfaces such as wool, burlap and leather are additional options to draw the eye and add interest. Embroidered pillows warm up a modern space, but choose geometric patterns to retain the contemporary feel.

Emphasize Lighting

Natural sunlight streaming through large, unobstructed windows is a great way to illuminate a cold room. However, if the room lacks natural brightness, artificial lighting alternatives must be carefully chosen. Consider free standing floor lamps with sleek lines for both functionality and appeal. Although not always practical, large ceiling chandeliers provide a fashionable focal point. Install light switch dimmers to control the ambiance and attain the desired mood.

Add Warm Details

Finally, don’t overlook details. Preserve antique trimmings such as wood ceiling beams and vintage fireplace mantels. Exposed interior brick is another modern yet cozy feature achieved in almost any space with non-embossed brick veneer. Add personality to the home by hanging paintings and family photos in a gallery wall arrangement for a loft-style appearance.

These trendy, no-hassle design features help update interiors while retaining the comfort of home. Although modern design is assumed to be cold and somewhat detached, contemporary interior design can be inspiring and inviting with the right warm elements.

By Jennifer Riner of Zillow

Do's & Don'ts of Curtains

Window treatment such as framing and drapery is a great way to add style and personality to a room, but before you head out to the store to buy the necessities, make a note of these curtain do's and don'ts...

DO take your time to think about what color and pattern to use. Curtains take up a large amount of visual space and could easily become the focal point of the room. They will have a huge impact on the look and personality that ties the entire room together.

DON'T pinch on size. It is important for curtains to have equal proportions and they should always be at least double the width of the window - even if they're going to be closed most of the time. The exception being, if you’re hanging curtains just with the intent to frame a window and don't anticipate to shut them, you can round down a to a few inches of the width. It is also crucial for them to be long enough. If you're going for a more elegant look, have them puddle on the floor to create a soft ruffle. For a more clean and sophisticated look they can skim the floor – but they should never be any higher, other wise they will look like they've been cut too short. If you're not getting custom made panels and are choosing to go with store-bought, it's better to buy them too long and then have them hemmed.

DO choose lines panels if you want to control the temperature in the room as well as the amount of light that filters through. A basic cotton lining allows some light to filter through while still protecting the fabric. If you choose a more insulating lining, it will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. A blackout lining is ideal for bedrooms because it doesn't allow any light to filter through, and it adds a luxury touch.

DON'T forget the hardware. Curtain rods and finials should be cohesive with the fabric. Heavier drapes such as velvets should be on a large and somewhat decorative rods while light silks and sheers can sit on light-weight and more dainty rods. Keeping that in mind, you still want the curtain rods to match the rest of the room. Determine the materials of some of your home accessories within that space and choose a curtain rod to coordinate.

DO consider what fabric is best for what you're looking for. Things to consider: cotton is easy to clean and also very adaptable; velvet is a bit more luxurious but can be a bit heavy for some rooms; sheers are light and elegant but don't offer much in the way of blocking out light; and wool is heavy but strong enough to hold certain details like fringe and tassels.

DON'T forget about finials. It may seem like a small thing, but you would be surprised to see how much of an impact the finials at the end of your curtain rod will provide the perfect finishing touch. Always take recognition that the details in a room are the most important.

DO use tiebacks. These work well if you want to be able to pull curtains to the side for more light and formal look. They’re also a nice way to show off  your view. Mount a peg on the wall about two-thirds of the way down the window. The peg should ideally match the finials above. There are simple fabric tiebacks, or ribbon, for a more simple look, and there are also fancy ropes with tassels for a more luxurious effect.

DON'T order your curtains online. It's always a better idea to check out curtains in the store or order swatches so you can touch the fabric and feel its durability. In a best case scenario, find a retailer that will lend you a large sample piece for you to take home and hang in front of your window.

Your Home is Ready for a Spring Makeover!

Spring is here! Seems like it was just yesterday we were taking down our Christmas decorations, however the time has come to freshen up your rooms with an inspired spring look to brighten up your home. You can transform your space by adding bursts of color, energetic patterns, and lively makeover motifs to effortlessly transition into spring. Follow these six simple tips to create yourself a season-appropriate living space while having fun along the way.


1. Add a little wallpaper in unexpected places. This makes a great difference in areas such as inside your closet or cabinets, or even on your lamp shades or stairs. 

2. Bring some flowers and plants into your rooms. This is a minor detail, yet creates a much brighter feel - especially in spring! Add a flower vase or two on your table tops, a small tree in the corner, and some additional plants in your kitchen and on the window sills.

3. Turn something old into new with spray paint. Hardware is a great example, as updated handles and knobs make a huge difference to any space, and this is the easy way to do so. You can also spray paint an old brass accessory all white for a chic look.

4. Tie the room together with a fabulous area rug. A bold print will create an energetic feel that will automatically make the room much more lively.

5. Paint the ceiling of a white room with a soft shaded color. This will make the space not look so flat, and it is unexpected since the ceiling is generally the most neglected area in a space.

6. Add a porch swing on the patio to fill in the empty spot. It will make your home seem more inviting, as well as give you another excuse to enjoy the sunshine and hummingbirds. 

Color Popping Combos for Spring

As daylight savings just passed, Stacey Cohen Interiors is ready to spring forward! The sun is getting hotter and the days are feeling longer, so it’s time to make plans for your home to get spring ready. With still a week away, there are hints of the blooming season spotted all over Los Angeles - flower blooms growing on the tree branches, ocean waters getting bluer, and hummingbirds roaming for honey suckles. Bring the spirit into your home and brighten up your rooms with bold accessories and floral fabrics. Follow these five tips on how to accessorize your home with spring color trends to create yourself a season-appropriate living space - while enjoying the red bud trees outside your window.


 1. Yellow + Yellow: For a gray room not to look dull, there needs to be something that makes a statement. Some may consider this solution to be a cool art piece hanging on the accent wall or maybe it’s your one-of-a-kind vintage coffee table. While these are great decor pieces for any room, try something unexpected and accessorize the room with vivid yellow vases and pillows.

2. Turquoise + Tomato Red: Turquoise and tomato red are not only Spring’s trendiest color duo this year, but this combo also carries the opportunity to have some fun in your space. Wallpaper an accent wall with a bold print of these colors, or try a more settle touch and wallpaper your lamp shades.

3. Deep Blue + Turquoise + Apple Green: If you’re going for a more energetic design feel, use colors like deep blue, turquoise, and apple green together. A great way to do this is to hang multiple carved ceiling rosettes in a bundle. It will lay out as great wall decor, and it will show some creativity and personality to the room.

4. Hot Pink + Red: Hot pink and red is a scary color combo for many - You don’t want to be too feminine or bold, but you want to mix them into your space while still being sophisticated. For a cohesive and non-overbearing display, paint the frames of your photos, artwork, or mirrors hot pink and red and hang them on your gold and cream walls. It’s a settle touch of style that will stand out.

5. Neutrals + Black: Although it’s the season of brighter colors, sometimes black is tough to get rid of. These dark accessories can generally pair well with any room design and they hold the gift of elegance. If you don’t want to ditch the black, you can still add some pops of color by painting your shelves that hold your favorite pieces. Classic blue and yellow pair well with black this season.